Vedic Art

Vedic Art Course is an amazing opportunity to awaken a full creative potential in art and in life. The method does not teach how to paint, but it helps you to remember how to create.

The exercises of the program has mainly their origin in Vedic traditional and modern art education, but in Vedic Art the exercises are transformed to focus on our life and on the art process rather than on the final result. This unique modern method of self development through creative expression (intuitive painting) was founded as an education by fine artist Curt Kallman in Sweden in 1988. The program supports freedom, integrity, respect and the process of finding our unique inner expression.

Vedic Art supports equality between students and teachers, it does not belong to any religion. The method is not related to any specific art style and is open for everyone. No previous art experience is required.

Our lessons run on a termly basis on weekday evenings or weekends.

Please see adult courses timetable for more details.