We make a real difference in your life. Come and experience it for yourself and you will be amazed at how quickly we can change how you feel about yourself. Read a little about our customers experiences:

Becky’s 10K

To my delight, Chesterton Sports Centre started a beginners becky10k3running course and my daughter Rosie agreed to come along with me for support. (…) Course started over the summer and I managed to keep running even in the mountains while our family was away on holiday. By now I no longer even needed to use my asthma inhalers. (…) In 18 weeks I went from an overweight unfit couch potato to a still overweight but more fit 10k successful competitor. Yay!

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David’s swimming

davidswimmingI am 85 years young, and have been swimming at the Chesterton Sports Centre pool for at least the last three years. The staff, without exception, has always been most friendly, kind and helpful; the changing and shower rooms always spotlessly clean. I cannot praise the Centre highly enough, congratulations.

Wai’s family

waifamilyI love bringing my sons to Chesterton Sports Centre, the pool is a perfect setting to play and to improve their swimming skills during ‘Fun Splash’ on a Sunday morning and we often relax in the cafe afterwards. I also use the pool and gym regularly and I find the facilities ideal for me. The staff are always really helpful and genuinely interested in helping me towards my goals. Thank you for making us feel so  welcome on every visit!

Michael’s gym

I’ve been using this gym for the last 3 years as it’s conveniently round the corner from my house but even if it wasn’t I’d still  travel, as it has a good atmosphere, all the equipment you need and the staff are really compassionate, willing to help and have always made me feel welcome.

Mary’s bootcamp

Although exercising outside in winter might seem a crazy idea, its actually really exhilerating and you always feel warm after 5 minutes. Elena is a great instructor, she is so encouraging and always makes it fun. In the year that I have been doing Bootcamp we have never done a session the same – she always thinks of something new and there is a great team spirit. There is a mix of males and females and of all ages. It is excellent value for money so if you do miss a session its doesn’t matter.  Anyone who enjoys circuits would really enjoy this but the benefit of being outside is that its not hot and sweaty and believe it or not it rarely rains!