Adult Swimming Lessons

We realise that learning to swim can be a daunting prospect but we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic facility for adults to learn to swim.

In the adult programme our qualified ASA swim teacher works with each pupil on a one-to-one basis giving them tasks and exercises to work on whilst they circulate amongst the group.

Beginners: this level is for swimmers that want to learn the basic swimming techniques, combat their fear of water or work on their breathing. 
in this level we can teach you all about improving basic strokes, show you how to comfortably thread deep water and boost your endurance and technique.  
if you are already a confident swimmer but want to work on specific swimming skills like sculling, diving, tumble turns, want to refine your strokes or work on your stamina this is the class for you.

Our lessons run 50 weeks per year with 2 weeks off over the Christmas break. With the option of paying via Direct Debit or by a 10-week block