Fitness Journey

As part of your membership you are entitled to a free Fitness Journey worth over £90, including:

  • Inductions
    All new members need to book an induction before they can use the gym. Inductions are available throughout the day and we recommend to book this in advance at reception or over the phone by paying the admin fee to secure your booking. The induction will include instruction on the safe and effective use of our equipment, a tour of the facilities and a programme to help you get started in your new surroundings.
  • Mywellness Check/Plan
    Mywellness is a cloud based system that is linked to our equipment to help keep track of your workouts and the progress you are making. Mywellness can also be manually updated via a computer or smartphone to track your InBody measurements and any other activity you participate in.

    • Mywellness Check: In just a couple of minutes our state-of-theart analyser produces over 20 different readings on an easy to understand results sheet. It will also provide you with both physical and nutritional goals based on your results, which are clear and realistic to achieve.
    • Mywellness Plan: Based on both your Aspirations, as well as your InBody targets set during your Mywellness Check, your Mywellness Plan will be created for you by our qualified team of fitness professionals. You’ll be able to walk away with a tailor made exercise programme, containing the most efficient training techniques, that are specific in helping you to achieve your goals.

How would the Fitness Journey look like?

Session 1 – Week 1

  • Free Induction
  • Free My Wellness Plan

Session 2 – week 4

  • Free My Wellness Plan
  • Free My Wellness Check

Session 3 – week 8

  • Free My Wellness Plan Review

Session 4 – week 12

  • Free My Wellness Plan Refresher
  • Free My Wellness Check

Future sessions – after week 12

  • Additional My Wellness Checks and Plans can be arranged with our Fitness team so you can still keep on top of your exercises.

Speak to a member of the Fitness Team to get you started!

Track your progress

Have you created your mywellness cloud account? Mywellness cloud can help you keep track of your day to day movements and exercises, as well as set you weekly targets automatically based on last weeks results.

Create your Mywellness cloud account here >

You can also download the app to your smart phone just scan the appropriate QR Code below:QR codes1