Workout With Us During Lockdown and Beyond

Introducing Live and On-Demand Fitness Class Package

We are delighted to confirm that following such a positive response from our members and customers, we shall be offering our new online membership.

For £20 per month, members can benefit from the following:

  • An online class programme featuring Impington Sports Centre and Chesterton Sports Centre fitness instructors (starting Monday 22nd February)
  • In-house classes available live and on catch up
  • Access to a wide variety of On-Demand classes with some of Technogym experts from around the country, including relaxation, strength and high intensity classes
  • Access to a wide variety of home training plans tailored to your individual fitness goal
  • Home training tips, well-being and nutritional advice to keep you motivated during lockdown

To sign up, simply follow the link and steps at the bottom of this post.

These have been extraordinarily difficult times for everyone.

The last 11 months have had an exceptional financial impact on the sports centres and the lockdown closures have been incredibly difficult for the sports centre team who have all been stopped from doing what they love.

The online membership service not only offers our team the chance to take classes and interact with our members once again, it will generate much needed income towards covering some of our running costs during lockdown and help support the long term sustainable future of the sports centre.

Membership is imperative to the viability of CSC and the ongoing support of our members is very much valued and appreciated.

We hope that this online membership will be a key addition to your home work out plan, helping you to achieve your fitness goals during lockdown as well as engaging with the fitness team and interacting with fellow members once again.

Please Note:
* This membership is completely separate to your existing sports centre membership and all fees that were taken by direct debit in January shall be rolled over to cover the first month that the sports centre reopens.
** All income will go towards covering staffing costs and supporting the long term sustainable future of the sports centre.

How To Sign Up:

  1. Choose Join online
  2. Register
  3. Choose DD options
  4. Choose Online Fitness Class DD
  5. Choose start date 22 Feb 2021
  6. Pro rata payment will be calculated to cover remaining of February and March
  7. First DD date will be the 01 April 2021
  8. Link to the Mywellness App will be emailed to you
  9. Log in and enjoy the classes in the comfort of your own home!


How to Join a Live Class:

    • Book the class on your Mywellness app
    • On your Mywellness app, send a link via email to join the class to your email address​
    • Check your inbox and click JOIN NOW
    • Enjoy the LIVE STREAMED class in the comfort of your own home