New Morning Fitness Classes

To replace our morning bootcamp we have decided to open 3 additional early morning classes from 4th June.

Join Dani at 6.40am in one of the following:

Monday – Burn 
A fat burning class like no other! This total body workout throws bicep curls and crunches out the window, by recruiting as many muscle groups as possible during each exercise, you can expect maximal fat burning to take place. Set in a comfortable and sociable environment this class uses some of the most exciting training styles and equipment on the market.

Wednesday – HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training 
The fitness umbrella that covers the likes of Tabata and Insanity, this simple principle provides users with short, intense periods of exercise to increase resting metabolic rate. Guaranteed to get your heart up

Friday – Total Body Workout
Top to toe fat burning workout to build your strength as well as cardiovascular endurance. With no two sessions the same, you will be constantly challenged to achieve greater fitness levels.