Increased class nonattendance fee

After reviewing our class attendance for August we found that there were 73 spaces that were booked and not used.  To try and combat this we have decided to increase the nonattendance charge from £1.00 to class value from 1st September 2017.  If you have paid for your class or used a subscription from a block card then you will lose this payment instead of incurring the nonattendance charge.

To be registered as attending you need to wait for the gate to close before swiping your membership card for attendance and/or report to Reception for staff to check you off the list.  The instructors list is purely for them to know who should be in the class and isn’t used for your attendance.

Remember that you can always cancel your class without a nonattendance charge up to a day before and transfer the class up to 2 hours before the actual class – neither of the options will cause any additional charges on your account, and if you let us know in advance that you cannot make it to the class, other people that might be on the waiting list will have a chance to join in.

We hope that this will help us to help you all benefit more from the spaces we will then have available.

Thank you for your co-operation.