Fitness suite refurbishment

As you already know the Fitness Suite is being refurbished, and alongside come further improvements to your gym experiences.

You might have already received an email from Technogym, about setting up an account on the mywellness cloud service – and if not our Fitness Team can re-send the invitation to you if you wish.

The app is not necessary but will speed up the process of using the new equipment for the first time, so we recommend logging in.

The brand new equipment will automatically link your programme to your account so you can keep track of all the calories you have burned, miles you have ran and many, many more! Our Fitness Consultants will happily explain all the extra features – just ask or send them an email at

As part of the upgrade, new contactless membership cards will be issued which will enable you to log onto the fitness equipment, so please refer to the points below which will contain all the useful information about the changes:

I am a Swim and Sauna Member:

Great news! Your membership is set to go – there is nothing you need to do – enjoy our facilities!

I am a Swim only Member or would like to join as a Swim only Member:

Please forgive us for the inconvenience, but the gate card reader will not be able to read your membership card until the improvements are completed on 1st of February – please report to reception with your card every time you wish to use the pool during that time. Alternatively you can upgrade your card to a contactless card for £1.

I am a Swim, Gym and Sauna; Swim, Gym, Classes and Sauna or Corporate Sauna user:

You are almost there – please see our reception and book your free induction or sign a waiver and continue using your favourite facilities without any further actions!

I am a GP referral/Start-up member:

Please talk to our Fitness team as you will need to have your account updated with a password that will allow you access to the fitness equipment. Or for ease of access you can purchase a contactless card for £1.

My membership is not covered by the above:

Please see Reception to book a free induction or sign a waiver. You will either receive a new contactless membership card free of charge or have the option to buy a membership band for as little as £5.


We really hope that you will continue to enjoy CSC’s upgraded facilities and will further benefit from the new technology and fitness equipment.