Dishonour Charges and Non-attendance

We have carefully reviewed our class attendance and absence and it seems that in November our users have missed, without letting us know, 169 classes – which means we had space for 169 more people in our activities that weren’t available despite people not turning up to the class.

So if you were one of the people stuck on the waiting list for a class there is a chance that we might had have a space for you, we just didn’t know about it – and in order to prevent that we will be increasing the dishonour charge to all those who won’t attend a previously booked class to £1.

Remember that you can always cancel your class without dishonour charge up to a day before and transfer the class up to 2 hours before the actual class – neither of the options will cause any additional charges on your account, and if you let us know in advance that you cannot make it to the class, other people that might be on the waiting list will have a chance to join in.