Chesterton Community College and Sports Centre Car Park

Dear Member/Customer

You may be aware that Chesterton Community College will very soon be embarking on an ambitious expansion programme in order to add improved new facilities to the college and to increase the number of students that the college can educate.

From Monday 19th March 2018 contractors will be on site to start the building works. As part of this programme there are significant changes planned to the car parking arrangements at the college and sports centre. Most notably, the main section of staff car parking within the main college site will disappear. Whilst additional spaces will be created in the sports centre car park, overall parking will be far more restricted than it is currently.

A section of the sports centre’s car park will also be cordoned off as a compound area due to the school’s expansion project – this will be in place for around 1 year. Replacement disabled spaces will be created during this time.

In order to protect these spaces for genuine use the college is inviting a car park operator to manage the sports centre’s car park on their behalf. This means that all visitors will initially be allowed 3 hours free parking at the sports centre. If you are visiting the sports centre and intend to stay longer than 3 hours then all you need to do is inform the sports centre’s Reception area of your car registration. Anyone who stays in the car park beyond 3 hours without informing Reception will receive a fine from the car park operator.

It is very unfortunate that a car park operator had to be brought in to manage the college’s facilities in this way, but with car parking spaces being in such high demand and short supply in this area it was felt that this was the best way to discourage the non-genuine use of this facility.

Whilst the college and sports centre will always endeavour to support any members/customers with any form of impaired movement, we would once again like to actively encourage all visitors to the sports centre to consider alternative transport options if at all possible.

I will communicate again with you just before this change takes place, but in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any queries about these proposals.


Yours sincerely

Edit Tokorcsi
Sports Centre Manager