Youth programme

football dribbling

The youth programme runs during each term and offers a range of sporting activities for children between the ages of 3 and 15 years old.  Tennis, Trampolining, Football and Judo are just a few of the great activities on offer, along with our Fitkidz sessions in the fitness suite.

We also have a few water based activities such as  Synchronised swimming as well as Rookie lifeguard sessions. Please see the activity programme for more details.

The dates for each term are available in our latest youth programme timetable, and the length of the term varies between 8 and 12 weeks with a weekly half term break in which NO lessons are available.

For each of terms class the places are confirmed only once you have booked at reception and payment is received, but re-enrolling children have a priority to rejoin their activities prior to the open enrolment day.

Our instructors are:

Climbing: Nat Bostock and George Bigwood
Rookie Lifeguard: James Rumbelow
Synchronised Swimming: Zoe Entecott
Table Tennis: Hugo Brown
Judo: Colin Fordham
Football: SL Sport and Education
Basketball: SL Sport and Education