Holiday Activities

Crash Courses


We are also running our weekly swimming crash courses during holiday breaks and half-terms. They are covering from Ducklings 5 up to activity sessions which can include a number of activities such as water polo, rookie lifeguard and diving.

10.00-10.30am Duckling 5 10.00-10.30am Stage 3
10.30-11.00am Stage 1 10.30-11.00am Stage 4 / 5
11.00-11.30am Stage 2 11.00-11.30am Activity Session
  • Ducklings 5 : Suitable for non swimmers or if it’s the first time in a swimming class from age 3 upwards, teacher in the water.
  • Stage 1: Primary water skills, travelling in the water with swim aids. Suitable for non swimmers or children who are able to manage a few strokes alone. Teacher is in the water.
  • Stage 2: Introduction and development of skills using a variety of strokes without swim aids. Must be able to swim a width front and back without aids, teacher is in the water.
  • Stage 3/4: Further skills including jumping, breathing techniques, breaststroke legs and retrieving items from pool floor. Must be confident in deep water.
  • Stage 5 : Ideal to prepare for swimming lengths and to build stamina as well as stroke improvement.
  • Activity Session : A chance to try a variety of activities including diving, rookie lifeguard, water polo and races.

Chesterton Sports Centre reserve the right to adjust /cancel any of the scheduled activities due to attendance numbers, coach availability, assistant availability and weather. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking.